Temporary Schedule for Math 490

1/21(W) Introduction Life's Other Secret
1/23(F) Review of Multivariable Calculus
1/26(M) snow class cancelled
1/28(W) 1.1 Fick's law and diffusion equation
1/30(F) 1.2 Random walk 
2/2(M) 1.3 Reaction 
2/4(W) 1.4 Domain and Boundary Condition,
2/6(F) 1.4, 2.1 homework 1 due
2/9(M) 2.1, 2.2 Separation of Variable, Boundary value problems
2/11(W) 2.3 Fourier series and equilibrium solutions
2/13(F) 2.4 Relaxation to equilibrium
2/16(M) 2.5 Chemical mixing, homework 2 due
2/18(W) 2.6, 2.7 Critical patch size, 2-d linear patterns
2/20(F) 3.1, 3.2 Point release solution, fundamental solution
2/23(M) 3.3 Chemical pollution problem
2/25(W) 3.4 Biological dispersion, Malthus equation, homework 3 due
2/27(F) 2.8 Diffusion in microbiology, transit time 
3/1(M) paper presentation
3/3(W) paper presentation
3/5(F) paper presentation
3/6-3/14 Spring Break no class

3/15(M) 4.1 Nondimensionalization, Take-home test 1 due
3/17(W) 4.2, 4.3  Numerical method and Diffusive logistic equation
3/19(F) 4.4 Stability of the equlibrium solution
3/22(M) 4.5, 4.6 Implicit function theorem, Perturbation and Bifurcation
3/24(W) 4.7 Global Bifurcation, 
3/26(F) 4.8 Allee effect, homework 4 due
3/29(M) 4.10 Traveling waves
3/31(W) 5.1 Reaction-diffusion system
4/2(F) 5.2 Numerical method in 2-d
4/5(M) 5.3 Turing instability and bifurcation
4/7(W) 5.3 Turing instability and bifurcation, 
4/9(F) Project discussion
4/12(M) Project discussion, homework 5 due
4/14(W) 5.4 Animal coat patterns
4/16(F) 5.5 Chemotaxis models
4/19(M) 5.6 Epidemic models
4/21(W) Overview of other mathematical biology, Take-home test 2 due
4/23(F) Project presentation
4/26(M) Project presentation
4/28(W) Project presentation
4/30(F) Project presentation, project paper due