Math Websites of the week

Each week during the semester, we will introduce one or more websites which will be useful and
fun for your Math 112 course.

Week 1Here are some weblinks which calculate integrals
                Riemann Sums
                   (Left, right-endpoint sums, midpoint rule)
                Definite Integral
                Numerical Integration
                    (midpoint, trapezoid, and Simpson)
               All these webpages are parts of a Mathematical Toolkit developed in Vanderbilt University.
               The link for the whole project is  MathServ
               and you will mostly use Calculus Toolkit

               An alternate link for antiderivative is The Integrator
                 All links above are engined by Mathmatica, a commercial software.
                 Another set of Java Applets is based on Maple, see MapleNet - Tutorial Applets
                (they seem slow and hard to load, but give better results)

               A story of Richard Feynmann and Logarithm
               or here

Week 2Volume of solid of revolution

         Visualization of solid of revolution (disk and washer method)
        Maple code for animation of solid of revolution
        Visualization of solid of revolution (cylindrical shell method)
Week 3:   Visualization of Work
               Visualization of Average Value of a Function

                Tutorial for Calculus
              Calculus Tutorial from Harvey Mudd College
              Karl's Calculus Tutor
              Visual Calculus
              Calculus on the Web

              Webpage which calculates partial fraction of a rational function
              Webpage which factors a polynomial

Week 4: Career for a mathematics concentrator
                Why should I study math? I
                Why should I study math? II
              Mathematics That Counts

                More information available at

Week 5 Improper Integral Tutorial
             Visualization of Arc Length

Week 6:   Visualization of center of mass
                 Information about Gabriel's horn or Torricelli's Trumpet (infinite surface area, and finite enclosed volume)
                Koch's snowflake (infinite arc length, and finite enclosed area)

Week 7: Spring Break

Week 8Malthus' Essay on population "An Essay on the Principle of Population"
                Dfield program online Java version
                Interactive Differential Equations
              Millennium Prize Problems

Week 9: MathServ DE Toolkit
             Drawing a Direction Field
               Euler's Method
             Solve a Separable Equation

Week 10: Orthogonal Trajectories
               Solve a Linear Equation

Week 11: Fibonacci Numbers and the Golden Section
             Calculating and Graphing Sequences

Week 12: Calculating a series

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