Online Resources of Math 410(510)

Mathematical Biology Links

Society for Mathematical Biology
European Society for Mathematical and Theoretical Biology
Journal of Mathematical Biology (paper online: after 1996)
Bulletin of Mathematical Biology (paper online: after 1998)
IMA Journal of Mathematics Applied in Medicine and Biology (paper online: after 1996)
Mathematical Biology at UBC (UBC, Vancouver, BC, Canada)
Graduate Group in Population Biology (UC Davis)
Center for Mathematics and Computation in the Life Sciences and Medicine (Duke University)
Utah Math Biology Program (University of Utah)
Vanderbilt University Biomath Study Group
UCLA Biomath Homepage
Biomathematics at North Carolina State University
Centre for Mathematical Biology (a research institute in Oxford University, England)
Mathematics Archives - Topics in Mathematics - Mathematical Biology (collection of links 1)
UTK Mathematical Life Sciences Archives WWW Server - Home Page (collection of links 2)
AIMS Links of Mathematical Biology Matthiopoulos
World of Bifurcation

People in Math Biology

Simon Levin (George M. Moffett Professor of Biology, Princeton University)
James D. Murray (Emeritus Professor of Applied Mathematics, University of Washington)
                           (Emeritus Professor of Mathematical Biology, Oxford University)
Lee Segel (Professor, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel)
Jim Keener (Professor, University of Utah)
James Sneyd (Professor, Massey University, New Zealand)
Michael C. Reed (Professor and Associate Chair, Duke University)
Leah Edelstein-Keshet (Professor, University of British Columbia)
Suzanne Lenhart (Professor University of Tennessee)
Bard Ermentrout
Yang Kuang (Professor, Arizona State University)
J. M. Cushing (Professor, University of Arizona)
Mark Lewis(Professor, University of Utah)
James Powell (Associate professor, Utah State University)

Java Applets for direction field and phase plane

Dfield and pplane by John Polking from Rice University
ODE Phase Plane Plotter from University of Colorado
Phase portrait from Penn State University
Interactive Differential Equations from Addison Wesley Longman
(This site has some incredible animations of ODE, we will see some in class)
Java Applets for Chaos games! from Boston University
Cancer and Mathematics

Java Applets for Euler's method

Euler's Method by MathServ DE Toolkit from Vanderbilt Univ

Java Applet for solving equations

Separable ODE by MathServ DE Toolkit from Vanderbilt Univ
Linear ODE by MathServ DE Toolkit from Vanderbilt Univ
Bernoulli ODE by MathServ DE Toolkit from Vanderbilt Univ

Articles about population

A 1999 CNN article on the carrying capacity of the Earth
The U.S. Census Bureau announced new population projections on Thursday, January 13, 2000.
The International Society of Malthus (include hid original paper: Essay on the Principle of Population (1798))
Biography of Pierre François Verhuls
Boom and Bust Mathematics (an article about Verhulst's model)
The Struggle for Existence - A Classic of Mathematical Biology and Ecology by G.F. Gause (1934)

Other math biology courses

Mathematical Biology I (AMATH 503) (University of Washington)
Introduction to Mathematical Modeling (AMATH 383) (University of Washington) (University of Washington)
Biomathematics 301 (University of British Columbia)
Spatio-Temporal Models in Ecology: an Introduction to Integro-Difference Equations (Utah State University)
Quantitative Population Ecology (Virginia Tech)
Math 3N3 Home Page (MaMaster University)
A Course in Mathematical Biology (University of Montana)
mat598f00 (Arizona State University)
642:338:03 Math Models Soc & Bio - Spring 01 (Rutgers University)
SCCC 411B, Spring, 1997 (University of South Carolina)
BIOL 763, Spring, 1999 (University of South Carolina)
math405.411 (University of Tennessee)
Mathematical Modeling Home Page (SUNY-IT)
Mathematical Biology (University of Illinois Chicago)
FW662 -- Wildlife Population Dynamics (Colorador State University)