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Biology 205:
General Botany

Spring, 2001

(William and Mary Shield)
College of
William and Mary

Instructor: Dr. Martin C. Mathes 

Email: mcmath@facstaff.wm.edu 

Office: Millington 216

Phone: 1-2238

This course is designed to give the students a broad background in the traditional subject matter of botany. This includes topics on organisms in the plant kingdom as well as organisms not in the plant kingdom but which affect the growth ecology or evolution of plants (e.g., selected bacteria, fungi, and selected protists). However, most of the emphasis will be on members of the plant kingdom. The study of plants will incorporate information from the sub-disciplines of systematics, anatomy and morphology, life history studies, physiology, development, and evolution.
Sample Exam I (prior to 1997)
     (Sample Exam Diagram)
Sample Exam I (1997)

The Great Kalanchoe Grow-off

Natural Plant Succession on the rooftop of Millington Hall

Sample Exam II

Protoplast Lecture by Dr. James Saunders

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