1 - The Flowering Plant Gateway: The Families of Flowering Plants: Descriptions. Illustration, Identification, and Information Retrieval. Version: 25th Nov. 1996, by Watson,L. And Dallwitz,M.J.
This Gateway homepage is a link to a system of classification for flowering plants. Descriptions of plants are included.

2 - Index of Angiosperm Family Illustrations
Fairly characteristics of angiosperms are illustrated at this site.

3 - Matt's Angiosperm Model
Plants organs - roots, stems, leaves and flowers - are characterized at this location.

4 - Anthophyta: Fossil Record
This site provides information about the fossil records of angiosperm progenitors.

5 - Florida Wildflower Showcase
A sampling of the beauty of Florida wildflowers is found at this site.

6 - Angiosperms Galore
Explore a wide range of angiosperm families and examine characteristic features.

7 - Angiosperms
This site provides a discussion of the relatedness of groups of flowering plants.

8 - The Orchid Webplopedia
Orchids and more orchids in an appreciation of diversity.

9 - Angiosperms: Woody Plant ID Major Group Menu
Woody plants are featured at this station.

10 - Frequently Asked Questions About Developmental Biology (FAQ)
Broaden your knowledge of plant development at this site.

11 - Anthophyta III
The relationship between flower structure and function is presented at this site.

12 - Evolutionary Development of Flowers
Trace an important evolutionary event - progressive changes associated with the development of flowers.

13 - Floral Anatomy: Flower Structure
Examine the organization of flower parts and the floral formula.

14 - Flowerterm.html: Flower Terminology
Speak the language of the flowers - descriptive terminology is presented at this site.

15 - Pollination Botany
Learn about the complixities of the pollination process and methods of pollen transfer.

16 - Floral Evolution
The evolution of the flower is presented at this location. Resulting diversity is also outlined.

17 - Monocots vs. Dicots
This site presents general differences between monocots and dicots - includes stems, leaves and seeds.

18 - Meiosis
The formation of gametes as a portion of the life cycle involves a specific pattern of cell division. Meiosis is presented at this site.

19 - Meiosis
Contrasting cell division patterns - mitosis and meiosis are presented at this location. Sexual and asexual reproduction are included.

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