1 - Plant Biotechnology
This site outlines the sexual combination process in the production of hybrids.

2 - Plant Tissue Culture Information Exchange
Information in the field of plant tissue culture is available at this and linked sites.

3 - Biotech Chronicles
This site provides basic information concerning the development of the technology associated with biotechnology.

4 - The National Center for Biotechnology Information
This site, provided by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, includes numerous linkages to "cutting edge" information.

5 - Plant Tissue Analysis
The analysis of plant materials generally reflects the mineral composition of the soil and may be used as an indicator of fertility problems. Learn about this relationship at this site.

6 - Agriculture: Plant Tissue Culture of Horticultural Crops
The use of plant tissue cultures in addressing horticultural problems is considered at this site.

7 - The Many Dimensions of Plant Tissue Culture Research
Information about plant tissue cultures can be obtained at this location.

8 - Plant Genome Databases
The identification, characterization and isolation of plant genes has provided information which have been entered in genome databases linked to this site.

9 - Plant Biotechnology Institute
Learn about plant biotechnology and the application of the experimental results to problems of economic importance.

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