1 - Systematics of the Plantae
Classification of the members of the plant kingdom. Learn about the individual groups by linking to the information presented with each image.

2 - Green Plants
The taxonomic approach using cladograms is presented at this location.

3 - Taxomony of Plants: GRIN Taxonomy Home Page
Avail the opportunity to obtain descriptive information obout thousands of plants. Learn about the science of taxonomy - (classifications) at this site.

4 - Taxonomy: The System and Practice of Naming Organisms
Scientific names and the system of classification are presented at this site.

5 - Taxonomy Resources
Explore the National Center of Biotechnology to obtain general information related to classification.

6 - Institute for Systemic Botany
Visit this University of South Florida site to learn about botanical classification.

7 - Natural Perspectives: The Plant Kingdom
See representatives of the plant kingdom and appreciate the classification of diverse plant groups at this informative location.

8 - Introduction to the Plantae
Meet the plant kingdom and related groups at this basic site.

9 - National Plants Database
The organization of data is presented in this site for the National Database for Plants.

10 - The Families of Flowering Plants
The members of families share certain common characteristics. A listing of plant families is available at this site.

11 - Wildflower Identification
Learn here about the world of natural vegetation and recognize common wildflowers at this information site.

12 - Gray Herbarium Card Index
The useful index card is presented as a format to provide basic information about plants. Visit this site provided by the Harvard herbarium.

13 - Kingdom Plantae
How many kingdoms? Whittaker proposes a five kingdom system as presented at this site.

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