1 - GRIN Taxonomy Home Page
A compendium of economic plants. This listing contains more than 30,000 plants.

2 - Centre for Economic Botany
This site provides information about the economic use of plants.

3 - Culinary Herb Articles
Cooking with herbs provides an infinite variety of flavors. Sample this aggregation of gastronomical pleasures.

4 - Indoor Herb Gardening
Grow your own herbs in the garden or inside. Enjoy a continuous supply throughout the year.

5 - Index of Wildflowers
Learn about wild flowers and enjoy common wildflowers.

6 - Selecting Landscape Plants: Shade Trees
An educated approach to landscaping will result in a greater satisfaction and less work. Learn about landscaping.

7 - Herbs for Beginning Gardeners
Select your herbs and plan your garden to include a culinary collection.

8 - Economic Botany
Economic botany is featured at this site. Agricultural links are provided.

9 - Plants and Your Cat
Cats grazing on plants can be harmful to your plants and toxic to your feline friends. Learn about poisonous plants.

10 - Ethnobotany
Ethnobotany explores the use of plants by a variety of societies. Linkage provides a sampling of ethnobotany.

11 - The Armchair Gardener
Be a couch potato next to your armchair and enjoy a virtual garden in the absence of virtual weeds.

12 - The American Rose Society
Learn all about roses at this American Rose Society site.

13 - Arbor Day Foundation
Recognize Arbor Day and explore information about this environmentally verdant activity.

14 - National Gardening Association
Learn how to garden with miminal effort and maximum enjoyment at this educational site.

15 - Succulent Plants
Succulent plants include a great diversity of plant groups. These interesting plants - how to grow and appreciate - are featured at this site.

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