1 - Edible and Poisonous Mushrooms
The safest edible mushrooms are gound in the produce department of supermarkets. This site contains important information about the characteristics of edible and poisonous fungi.

2 - Mycology Resources
The fungi influence all aspects of our lives. This site links to the various aspects of mycology.

3 - The Earth's Digestive System
The major role of fungi as decomposers is coupled with the structure of fungi in this site.

4 - What are yeasts?
The role of yeasts, as medical, economic and environmental components, is discussed.

5 - Welcome to Mushroom Heaven!
An enjoyable rendition of the mushroom lovers world - collecting, identifying, eating and appreciating.

6 - Wayne's World of the Amazing Kingdom Fungi
Wayne provides links to the interesting world of fungi.

7 - Introduction to the Fungi
This site provides information about the classification, structure and environmental importance of the fungi.

8 - Morphology of Fungi
The external structure of fungi is outlined at this site.

9 - Fungi
This introductory site provides information about fossil records, evolution and distribution of the fungal representatives.

10 - Natural Perspective: The Fungus Kingdom
The natural perspective provides a window into the environment of the fungal kingdom.

11 - Fungi Cladogram
Follow the evolutionary travels of fungi through cladogram avenues.

12 - Irish Potato Famine
The impact potato late blight had made a lasting impact on Irish culture. Many Irish-Americans can trace their linage to fungal devastation of the potato crop in 1845.

13 - Soil Fungi: The World's Largest Fungi?
Most tree species require a fungal association for normal growth. This mutualistic relationship significantly extends the absorptive capacity of infected roots - mycorrhizae.

14 - Harmful and Beneficial Fungi
The good and bad fungi are disscussed at this site. Nutrient cycling and diseases are included.

15 - Plant Pathology
Plant Pathology is devoted to understanding the disease process. This site includes links containing information about the development of diseases.

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