1 - Sulfur Dioxide and Lichens
Lichens are good indicators of environmental pollution. This location relates lichen distribution and the effects of sulfur dioxide in the atmosphere.

2 - What Does Pollution Do to Lichens?
This site emphasizes the influence of sulfur dioxide on the growth of lichens.

4 - Moss-Lichen
This moss-lichen site provides links to a variety of wetland habitats - includes tundra, fens, bogs.

6 - Lichen Growth Forms
This location includes a presentation of three morphological categories - crustose, foliose and fruticose.

7 - Lichens-Nature's Perfect Marrieage
The value of a cooperative marriage between organisms is outlined at this site. Includes meeting and bonding.

8 - Lichens as Bioindicators
Bioindicators are environmental components which illustrate a growth pattern which is sensitive to the presence of pollutants. Explore this topic at this site.

9 - What are Lichens?
This site provides basic information about the biology of lichens.

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