1 - Nutrient Cycles
Plants require selected nutrient ions which are released as a result of decay - a portion of nutrient cycling. This location includes basic information about nutrient cycling of plant nutrients.

2 - Plant Nutrients
A listing of the essential micro and macro elements required for normal growth of plants.

3 - Essential Elements for Plant Growth: List of Essential Elements
An outline of inorganic elements required for plant growth.

4 - Essential Elements for Plant Growth: Macro and Micronutrients
This site provides qualitative and quantitative information about elements required by plants.

5 - Essential Elements for Plant Growth: Primary and Secondary Nutrients
The soil as a source of primary and secondary plant nutrients. Limiting elements are noted.

6 - Essential Elements for Plant Growth: The Law of the Minimum
The element in most limiting supply determines the plant growth response - according to the Law of the Minimum.

7 - Nutrient Deficiencies
The characteristic nutrient deficiency symptoms of plants is outlined at this site.

8 - Essential Elements for Growth: Nitrogen
Nitrogen supply is often limiting in the environment. Nitrate and ammonium ions are discussed at this site.

9 - Essential Elements for Growth: Phosphorus
Phosphorus is incorporated into many critical metobolites. This requirement is discussed.

10 - Essential Elements for Growth: Potassium
Potassium is commonly added to general purpose fertilizers. The role of potassium is discussed.

11 - Solubility of Plant Nutrients
The acidity of the soil is a primary factor in determining nutrient availability. This presentation includes the importance of pH and provides a link to the Florida Information Retrival System.

12 - What is Plant Nutrition?
This site includes a basic discussion of plant nutrition and relates the importance of soil characteristics.

13 - Plant-Microbe Metabolism
This presentation outlines the importance of nitrogen fixation and extends the information to a variety of links associated with nitrogen fixation.

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