1 - Modified Stems: Stolons
Modified stems include a number of different forms. Many of these structures are modified for asexual reproduction - as in the case of the "spiders" produced by the spider plant.

2 - Modified Stems: Crowns
Explore the use of the modified stem crown to produce new plants. Description and image are available at this site.

3 - Stems
What do you know about stems? This site includes a stem quiz to test your knowledge.

4 - Stems
An illustration is worth a thousand pictures. Compare stem structure and function at this site.

5 - Monocots
Monocots are characterized by seed, leaf and flower structures. Labels and images are presented to assist the learning process.

6 - Grass has Stems?
The grass stem has a unique pattern of growth and development. Illustrations are available at this site.

7 - Plant Organs: Structure, Function, and Modifications
A comprehensive site which discusses the external structure of plants. The structure function and modifications of plant organs is presented.

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